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You will need to provide us with precise measurements for your costume piece. Use the guide to below to help you with this. If you are in any doubt, ask!

measurement chartA. Bust
B. Under bust
C. Waist
D.  Hip
F-C. Nape to waist back
F-A. Nape to bust point
A-B. Nape to under bust
B-C. Nape to waist
F-J. Nape to shoulder
J-K. Nape to elbow
K-L. Nape to wrist
C-M. Waist to ground
F-M. Nape to ground
O. Upper arm
P. Forearm
L. Wrist
N. Neck

Nb. The nape is at the back of the neck.

Please see our returns policy for notes of self-measuring.
We are always happy to take your measurements for you. Just make your way to our Bedford based HQ.