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Do you accept orders outside of the UK?
Absolutely. Just bear in mind that the p&p is likely to be more. You may also be subject to import duties and taxes so please be aware of this when ordering.

Do your prices included p&p?
No as it differs depending on where we’re sending the costume to and also the weight of the package. By this we mean sending a full character’s wardrobe in one go would cost less than sending each piece individually. UK P&P is set at 7.95 GBP to cover tracked next-day post. We will only send overseas via tracked postal services.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We prefer direct bank transfer – you’ll be given the details when you order. We can accept Paypal payments but any costs incurred by this method will be passed on to you.

I need a costume for this weekend. Is that possible?
If we have the ex-hire costume in stock and we can feasibly get it to you, yep! For a custom make, probably not. We need to consult with you, source the materials, receive your measurements and payment, make the costume piece and get it to you. However, it is possible we may be able to amend an existing costume in our vast wardrobe to match your request, thus shortening the process. It’s always worthwhile asking.

Is there anything you don’t make?
Not yet – try us!

What is your returns policy?
We do not accept returns.
If we have measured you ourselves we will make any adjustments required to the garment until it is perfect for you.
If you have measured yourself we are relying on your accuracy and will not make additional changes to the sizing of the garment.
Ex-hire items are non-refundable.

When making a tailored item we like to make an initial pattern to ensure it fits correctly. If your order is 500+ GBP we will come to you for a fitting during the make process and will make any required changes to the outfit. For orders less than this amount we can provide the same service at an additional cost. This is optional.

Can I hire a costume?
Absolutely! Get in touch and we can help you.